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3 Installation

3.1 Installing the Python package

Most of the functions of Arbitools are still supported through the python scripts. If you want to use them, you have to install the arbitools python package. The latest version is in Then do:

python3 install

Arbitools is in too, so you can just type:

pip3 install arbitools

The program should work in other platforms, but I don’t intend to check it in other systems apart from GNU/Linux. If you have problems installing it, it may work using the scripts directly from the folder where you downloaded the scripts.

3.2 Installing bbpPairings

Arbitools is able to do the pairings for a tournament thanks to this fantastic tool that you can find under a GPL license in http:// You will find binary files for different platforms. Download it and copy it to a folder that is executable. In GNU/Linux, you can copy to “/usr/bin”. Using arbitools and bbpPairings is, in my opinion, a perfect example of how the free software community should maintain a chess tournament manager project. Two free modules that can work together and be maintained independently.

To use bbpPairings on a file, you have to make sure that the field “XXR” exists, followed by the number of rounds in the tournament. If you wish, you can remove that line before sending the report to your federation. This is an extension of the structure of the file, which you can find in the FIDE website See Usage for an image where you can see where to place the “XXR” field.

3.3 Installing Emacs

The main interface of Arbitools is Emacs, you should install it in order to get the most of it. You can get it in http:/ Emacs is available for different platforms.

Then, install the “arbitools.el” package. In Emacs, type the following:

M-x list-packages

In Emacs, the keys “M-x” means “Alt+x”. You will get this window:


Clik on the arbitools package link and then, click install. After that, the arbitools-mode will load automatically for files with the .trf extension. For other files you have to type:

M-x arbitools-mode

If you can’t install the package for whatever reason, you can allways download the file and insert in Emacs the command:

M-x load-file

Then write the path where you downloaded “arbitools.el”

3.4 Installing Python

You may need to install python in order to use some features that have not been yet translated to Emacs. If you use GNU/Linux it is most likely already installed, but not in other systems. You can get the latest version from Remember to download 3.*.* and not 2.*.*.

3.5 Other files you may need

players_list_xml.xml You need this file if you want to update the FIDE ratings of the players. You can download it from

elo_feda.xls You need this file if you want to update the FEDA ratings of the players. You can get it here The file has a different name, but you need to rename it to “elo_feda.xls”

FIDE-FEDA Vega.csv Alternatively, you can use this file, which contain either FIDE ratings and FEDA ratings. This file is maintained by Jesus Mena. You can get it here

custom_elo.csv It is recommended that you create this file, with the header described in the section “File Formats” (See File Formats). Add the data of the players you really need and update monthly with the official lists. Make sure the FIDE and FEDA codes are correct.

Keep these files in your personal folder (/home/<user>) in GNU/Linux.

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