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2 History

This project started as a python library, with the idea of making it available in many platforms easily, and also, to make the integration with other similar projects possible. During the process, I realised that this was not the best way to do it. I saw that most of the work was to maintain a tournament file in plain text format. Emacs, then, emerged as the perfect environment. It makes easy to do the color highlighting for the different sections of the file, plus the possibility to do all kind of operations using ELISP. It is also a good cross-platform environment. And easier to install than python.

As a result, Arbitools became an Emacs package. From this point, the new features will be implemented in ELISP. The “old” python scripts will be used for some time, until all the code is translated into Emacs functions.

I realize that managing a tournament in Emacs is not the most user friendly experience, but I think it is important to have the possibility to manage a tournament completely with free (as in freedom) tools. Up to now, it is possible to do almost every task in a tournament: creating the crosstable for FIDE, insert players, do the pairings, delete rounds, create the report forms, and some more. As for today, it has only been tested in a real tournament with success, although it is expected to succeed in more tournaments.

Apart from that, I think it is good for the arbiters to be aware on how the FIDE file is structured. This is a good knowledge that can be applied in a lot of situations: the file from the file manager is corrupted, someone has to be changed and it is not allowed in the software, etc.

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