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5 File Formats

5.1 .veg files

This is the format of the Vega software, written by Luigi Forlano. Although it is not free software, the file format is free. This program is widely used in Spain and Italy.

5.2 .txt files (FIDE Krause)

This is the official format approved by FIDE.

5.3 .csv files

Chess Arbiter Tools accepts .csv with “;” separator and the following headings:


You won’t be able to produce reports from this kind of file, since it doesn’t store the tournament information, only the players’.

This is the header you have to use in order to create your personal “custom_elo.csv”

5.4 .xls files

Files with .xls format are admitted if they store the information with the followint format of columns. The name of the columns is not important in this case, just the data has to be in the right column.


5.5 .fegaxa files

A special kind of xls files are accepted if the .xls ending is replaced with a .fegaxa ending. This type of file is specially designed for the Galician Federation. The structure of the columns has to be:


This kind of files is very useful if you really need to store extra data about the players.