Arbitools is a free software tool for Chess Arbiters. It works as an extension of the Emacs text editor. The philosophy is to work directly with the tournament file, in the FIDE official format. Common chess tournament tasks are available with simple menu commands from Emacs. It works on many platforms. First, of course, you need to download and install Emacs from the website. Then, inside Emacs, install the arbitools package. You can find more details in the documentation section.


For some of the features, you need Python 3 in your computer. Download it from your distributions repositories in GNU/Linux or from for other platforms.

Pdfs are generated with LaTeX, you need to install it if you want pdf output.

To do the pairings for a round, you will need bbpPairings, by Bierema Boyz Programming.


Find the installation instructions of the different components of Arbitools in the Documentation link below.


* Update players data in the tournament file (elo fide, elo feda, ids, etc). You can use directly the files downloaded from the web.

* Calculate the pairings for a round

* Get standings from tournament file, in .txt, LaTeX, and pdf.

* ARPO calculations. This is a bit buggy. It has some problems with byed players.

* Get the files for a tournament report: FIDE trf, FEDA Rating Admin and IT3 form (in LaTeX and pdf).

Arbitools have been successfully tested in a few real tournaments in Galicia, but this project is still in beta state. If you use the program in real tournaments please send your story so that a stable version can be released.


Documentation in English

Arbitools-results ---BETA---

For Vega 7.x.x, the chess tournament manager by Luigi Fornalo

This Android App allows the arbiters to take the results in a mobile phone and produce a *.res file that can be sent by wifi or bluetooth to the chief arbiter's computer and load from Vega automatically.


Arbitools-results-8 ---BETA---

For Vega 8.x.x, the chess tournament manager by Luigi Forlano

An Android App that allows the arbiters to take results in a mobile device and create a file with them. This file can be sent by wifi or bluetooth to the chief arbiter's computer, who can apply the changes automatically on the *.vegx file with the python script installed in the computer:

1. Install the apps: mobile and computer.

2. Send the .vegx file to the table arbiters.

3. Introduce the results in the mobile device.

4. Send the .res file to the chief arbiter.

5. Apply results to the .vegx file in the computer using the script "arbitools-results".

6. Re-open the .vegx file in Vega.

Remember to reload the vegx file in Vega for the changes to apply.

Arbitools-results-8.apk(Android), multiplatform) win32)


Tools for chess arbiters

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